Saturday, August 14, 2010

The ONLY Songs That Matter - 8.16.10

Another month, and another list. Back in the day -- well, the past three years -- I've done an annual "Best Of" list, selecting my favorites from the year's goodtunes. What with the 22 picks in 2010 so far (before today's additions), that may be a silly practice, and thusly omitted. We'll see.

Anyways, this is a weird list. I'll just put that out there. All the same, here are The ONLY Songs That Matter™ this week.  Oh, and I did something new ... I made a video playlist with all of the picks! That only took me a few years to do. Enjoy!

1) "Feel Good Drag" - Anberlin

2) "Black Hearts (On Fire)" - Jet

3) "Destination Unknown" - Alex Gaudino f/Crystal Waters

4) "The Letter" - as performed by Joe Cocker
- Two interesting things here, the first of which is a travesty. The original "Letter" has yet to make this list; AND, this is the second "as performed by Joe Cocker" tune on the list ("You Can Leave Your Hat On" from 2/2/2009 being the first).

5) "Whataya Want from Me" - Adam Lambert
- Written by Pink (and others). Huh.

6) "Gypsy Woman" - Crystal Waters
- Crystal Waters makes the list for the first and second time the same week. Go figure. Hey, anyone who samples "The Price Is Right's" theme should be on this list at least ... well, three times, come to think of it.

7) "Luv Me, Luv Me" - Shaggy f/Janet Jackson

8) "Dance With Me" - Peter Brown

9) "Lady Picture Show" - Stone Temple Pilots

10) "Mighty Mighty" - Earth, Wind & Fire
- Yes, I chose this video because the first dancer dude cracked me up and made me hurt simultaneously.

11) "Limp" - Fiona Apple
- I will, without fail, select a Letterman clip when it pops up first.

Week 190, and goodtunes #1025-1035. Huzzah.

Hopefully there's at least one song you weren't familiar with, or haven't heard in a while. Favorites? Anti-favorites?